Why India need Rohit the captain and Kohli the batsman ?

Kohli or Rohit – this debate is slowing gaining ground over the last few months.We often talk of the greatest captains and the names that come across are Steve Waugh, MS Dhoni, Ricky Ponting, Hansie Cronje, Clive Llyod – to name a few. What they had in common was their cool headed approach to the game. In a high intensity game like cricket especially in the limited overs format, the role of captains become even more significant.How he communicates with his troops, how he marshals them – these aspects takes the highest priority in the game.This is where a smaller section of Indian fans feel that it is time that Rohit Sharma should be given a rather longer stint with the team as captain.It is not that Kohli has fared bad, but sooner or later this burden of responsibility is bound to take its toll on his performance as it has on the likes of the greats like Sachin, Lara. They were the unarguably the greatest batsmen of all times, but their captaincy record is appalling to see. It is not that Kohli does not captain well, but his skills have often been found wanting when the game is not in the team’s control. So far his captaincy record stands brilliant, because he has some of the finest cricketers in the world in his team who all on their days are match winners.But it is about the what ifs, which Indian selection committee needs to ponder going ahead into the future. As far as 2019 World Cup is concerned, I don’t think the selectors will give Rohit a chance despite his brilliant captaincy record in the IPLs,Champions League etc. may be because we Indians believe in experience rather than stats which loudly speaks for Sharma – the captain. But the bell is ringing at the door of most coveted position in India’s cricket and it is high time for the selectors to hear the same. Kohli easily ranks among the greatest batsmen who have ever played the game and so we need more of him as a batsmen rather the captain who has failed to win a single IPL or any big tournaments despite always having some of the greatest players by his side.

Cricket needs the might again !!

There is an aura of uncertainty about the West Indies cricket, but you have got to love the way these new kids on the block are performing in a nation, where they have garnered more love and respect than anywhere else in the world. The way India’s dominance at home has been challenged by a relatively inexperienced side especially in the ODIs and the T20s, one may get a feel that a proper nurturing and guidance and a support from the Board may see the rise of the giants again. Favien Allen, Shemron Heytmer, Oshane Thomas, Shai Hope – to name a few can be the backbone of the same. We want West Indies to perform, to regain the dominance that was never paralleled in the history of the game, except for the Aussies of 2000 who came close to it for some time.There is something about this side, which makes you admire them- they have their own flair, they play their own brand of cricket,are the most sought after players for every t20 franchise across the world and most importantly the only nation to win two t20s world cup finals.What has been lagging is the trust and confidence which they need from the Board members along with the financial security.While the latter is an important aspect, but is always seconded to the first. These players deserve a chance, a longer stint with the team without being replaced every third or fourth game.Only then we can see the whole world dancing to the tunes of Calypso Beats like they did in the 80’s.

Rank turners ruining Art of Spin

Chennai Test Day 1- RaviChandra Ashwin toils hard the entire day, but fails to add a wicket to his rapidly increasing wicket tally.Nothing has changed since the Mumbai Test apart from the grit and the application English batsmen showed,when it came to tackle their opponents’ front-line spinner ,who has almost single-handedly forced them staring at a probable 3-0 defeat.On the second day, he gets one to brush the edge of Ben Strokes and Parthiv Patel does the rest.But that was quite early in the day.Again the entire 2nd day, he fails to produce any thing special and when the visitors innings fold at 477, his figure reads 44-3-151-1.To be honest, this bowling figure does not take anything from his stellar performance this series, But what it does is, it puts a lot of light on the kind of pitches that are prepared in India. Rank turners which spin from Day 1 hardly does anything good to cricket apart from adding wickets to your tally. The pitches that were prepared, when South African team toured India only to find them succumbed to 3-0 series defeat were far worse. Hashim Amla who was the then-captain of South African team even said “Those pitches were the most difficult on which I have batted ever and At times I think it is good that there are no Kumble or Bhajji in the team.It would have been unplayable then”.Many people will agree with the fact that wickets tally of Ashwin or Jadeja has got a lot to do with the substandard cricket pitches and to some extent the lack of application from batsmen while applying themselves on field.If you compare the records of the current lot of India spinners with the ones of bygone era on pitches outside subcontinent,you will easily notice the deterioration in role, our spinners play now a days outside subcontinent.What’s good for Indian cricket is not only these series victories at home, but a rather consistent performance from the spin department abroad. The likes of Kumble and Harbhajan have performed well outside as well and a fair share of credit goes to the quality pitches in India then which helped them bring out their best irrespective of conditions. If Indian team has to improve their track-record outside,it’s high time the pitches in India should match the international standard.

Friendship – An Immature Confession

Sitting at my flat with a cup of a tea at my table in a chilly December night and with a heart which was brimming with emotions and a mind which was not in position to grasp something new, I thought of penning it down.It’s about friendship and the importance it has, in my life. For me,Friendship is probably the most romantic affair in a person’s life.Reason being the selflessness associated with it, the variety it adds to your life and the fun and frolic that comes along with it.but on the contrary,there are many downsides to it-  the expectations that come along, the possessiveness that is there,but at the end of the day it seems  that there is nothing ethically wrong with it.Friendship is probably the only relation which holds different meaning for different people- for some it’s a matter of trust and loyalty , for some it’s fun, frolic and tiny moments.For me it’s about the positive vibes that come with it and an aura of feel good factor that circumscribes the surrounding in which I live. Being an emotionally vulnerable person, at times I have a tendency to get carried away, but that does not take anything away from the regards and care, I do for the people for whom I want to. I have this uncanny knack of befriending people.But every now and then, this feeling breaks me apart the very moment, I started getting close to sentiments attached. But with him,it’s there.Not just that he is an amazing person,there is a positive energy radiating whenever he is there in the vicinity at least for me.With my immaturity, quarrels and trifles are bound to happen and I had many with him.The intense possessiveness which is there, had it been someone else, there would have been no friendship sort of things.But he has been there with me despite my frequent mood swings, my immaturity at times.And that is why he is special.Apart from him, I have got many friends with whom I can have my share of enjoyment.But probably none has understood my nature as clearly as him.There have been times,when I have felt a bit letdown by his behavior and I don’t feel shy in openly confronting these things in front of him.Life is a long journey and there will be many more such trifles,but I just want him to be there as long as I breathe, the simple reason being the fact I am nearing a very crucial stage in my life and I cannot afford losing friends.

We can,but we don’t.

Almost every day in our lives, we see many small children begging for money, for food in almost every nooks and corners of city. More often than not we feel petty for their penurious state. Few of us are generous enough to give them coin changes and a very few of us offer food mainly if it’s some occasion. But that’s it. A few coin changes and a packet of food is not going to change their state of living. Quite often we say to ourselves, to our friends about that, about something that we can do to eradicate them from this social malaise. But unfortunately spending penny on a pinch of beer, branded clothes and savoring intercontinental delicacies are the ones which we prefer the most and to be honest there is nothing wrong in that. After all its your life, your choice and moreover the general feeling is that at the end of the day we are doing nothing wrong to others and certainly we are not, but cannot we a be ray of light in someone’s gloomy life. I am not convincing anyone to go and give out money to poor because it is a never ending process. What I am asking is to change our everyday small bargaining activities which gives us immense satisfaction at the cost of someone else misery. One of the biggest irony in life is that “we bargain with the ones who bargain their lives with poverty every day and we choose to spend lavishly in malls so that we can boast of our wealth”. We choose happily to have a kg of tomato at Rs. x at malls where we cannot even dream to bargain and bargain to any extent to get the same at a poor greengrocer’s shop. We often use to quarrel with Rickshaw Wala and Auto Wala for that 10 Rs. extra which he may charge on some special occasion. Come on guys if you cannot be generous, at least be sensible. Be it the greengrocers, be it the Auto Walas, they too have a family who eagerly waits for them as the night draws near, for their survival. If we are fortunate enough to have a decent lifestyle then why not share a moment of happiness with them, for whom these small moments are scarce. Believe me you will feel good.

Childhood – A victim of Time’s vengeance



Thunder DownUnder


Was Nagpur that bad?

Go to Waca, Go to Durban, Go to Hamilton, face the chin music. No one complains because they have always been this way-fast and bouncy. So the only way is to adapt to the conditions and probably that’s only reason why Sachin’s classic at Perth is rated so highly.But again then it was an 18 year old guy who had the guts to turn it on at one of the fastest pitches in the World despite being grown up in spin friendly pitches.So why not the same applies with mighty South African batting line up? Why pitch has been made the whole culprit? Ever since the Nagpur test began and the match unfolded,experts from Cricketing fraternity have been criticizing this pitch.Many of them went to the extent saying the venue should not allowed to host near-future matches.Was this pitch that much poor or the unnecessarily the matters were made worse? Correct me if am wrong but if the match had taken place outside subcontinent there would have this much fuss.People then would have talked of irresponsible batting and impressive bowling.Back in 2003, when India toured NewZealand prior to the World Cup,in a test match held at Hamilton ,none of the four innings crossed 200 with two of them not even crossing 100.But then.there was no one criticizing the pitch.Rather the bowlers received their share of praise.Then why so much fuss over this one in Jamta.No one talked of the irresponsible batting from batters of both side.The mere fact that people failed to digest was how a team which has ruled the world of test cricket for quite a long time crumbled so badly.I agree with the fact that the odd balls were turning,but again you have to go out there and bowl tirelessly like Ashwin and Jadeja did.They pitched the ball in right areas and were rewarded.And moreover South African never looked convincing against spin at all and their manner of dismissal strengthens this fact. Probably they should have taken a leaf out of Graham Gooch’s book on how to tackle spinners on sub-continental wickets.With one test to go and having already built an unassailable lead,Indian team will surely try to improve upon their weak areas.On the other hand,South African will be eager to salvage some pride.

While there is tea,there is Hope.

Very few things can match the refreshment and rejuvenation as provided by a cup of tea. Tea lovers will probably relate themselves to the fact when they find themselves in troublesome situations and unpleasant circumstances, a cup of tea is amongst the very few things which come to their minds immediately. Tea is a stress-buster, nerve- calmer, mind-refresher and much more. Those who are really fond of this beverage,go and ask them about having a cup of tea,99 out of 100 times they will nod you in affirmative. They are always ready to have a sip of it. Tea as they say is the “elixir” of life. Kullarh wali chai,Nukkad pe chai,Office ki chai,Subah wali chai,Adrak wali chai,Bas chai honi chaiye. The best part about tea is it those who have an aversion for it through out the summer,many of them turn to it in winter.A cup of tea in reality is much more than tea leaves, water, milk which go into its making. It is often at the morning or evening tea time,that family members sit together and gossip. In office also, many exchanges of ideas,discussions take place while having this cup of tea. Being an ardent admirer of this beverage and an addict to it,sometimes I shudder what if there were no Tea.


Do we really need to change? Quite often we just sit idle and wait for things to happen on its own. But some time if somehow we feel to be webbed in monotony, we want certain things to happen the way we like. Is change necessary only for overcoming boredom and monotony or has it got a broader perspective? Well the answer depends upon circumstances and varies from one person to another. Some will say that it just feels good to do things differently, some will say that different things need to be done at different points of time, some will lay stress on the fact it is necessary to avert addiction, some will put emphasis on withdrawing attention quotient. So the definition of change boils down to doing things for one’s internal satisfaction and since one can rarely be satisfied with the way things uncover daily, they want it to happen it the other way. If one needs to change for the sake of the mere fact that others will feel good about him/her, then that change is worthless. So change if you feel that it’s better for your own survival. It’s your life and it’s your choice.

Too Much Social – Isn’t it?

“Being Social in real life is quite different in reality from being active on social networking sites”.Way back in 90’s and early 00’s, Life was much more lively,we used to take immense pride in the smallest of the activities we came across be it collection of WWE superstars Cards,be it the game of Raja,Mantri, be it the pen fighting in schools or be it the book cricket.Games like Hide and Seek,Cricket used to be like integral part of our lives.No Internet but things were certainly better as there was no soltitude.With the advent of Internet and with it these social networking apps,we are gradually forgetting the art of leading a normal human life.Facebook,Watsapp, Twitter, quite good in their aspects and their purpose of connecting people have gradually started getting control of our minds.Very few people will disagree with me on the fact that they use to check their social networking accounts at least once in every 24 hours. Who has posted on their profile,how many notifications he has got,has anyone commented something on his posts -if no then they add one more irritating sort of post in search of getting likes and comments and If somehow he manages to get some comments and likes,then he starts showing his skills again.If you go and ask something related to their posts ,majority of them will fumble.Then why to publicize that you are a moron.And if these are not enough, some personal ones like Checked in at XYZ hotel,Had Yummy Pizzas,Watching Movie at ABC Hall with friends.These are the things to enjoy and if a social networking site or app has managed to get attention from you even in the midst of these activities,then kudos to those guys whose brainchildren are these.Probably the creators also would not have thought in their dreams of this kind of impact.WatsApp – another brilliant messaging app and the another one apart from Facebook which has been misused excessively by the current generation. Entire generation is running after a single tick,a double tick and a blue tick and they fail to realize the fact that at the same time there is a clock which is also ticking on their future.


Finally keeping all the bottlenecks and hurdles aside,we headed towards exploring Mother Nature at her very best.Some were pondering over the timing of the trip,some were enthusiastic for reason obvious.After all,who wants to miss a divine date with stunning beauties of the Himalayas.We started our journey at around 5:30 from Delhi in the morning. Bus journey to long distances is never so much fun,but when friends and colleagues are there,fun and frolic takes over all the monotony and dullness.It was exactly the case with us.The usual companions like Antakshari,chit chats, gossips,cold drinks, chips and other snacks made the journey as livid as it could have been.We stopped for a while at a typical North Indian Dhaba near Chandigarh to have breakfast and then straight away headed to Kasauli. And as expected journey from Chandigarh onward to Kasauli was always going to be enthralling with bus moving onto higher altitudes.In between curvy slopes and sharp u-turns,peaking hills and ever-widening valleys ready to engulf you anytime, a picturesque and seductive surrounding was there which at every moment was making us feel lost in its beauty.We reached at our resort in Kasauli at around 2 pm.

View from Our Resort


Serenity and Beauty

After having some refreshments,some of us went to explore nearby surroundings and somehow the tea-lovers managed to find a nice little cozy shop serving tea. Tea was refreshing and was the only way to cope with the chilly night that was setting in.Soon we headed back to our resort.That night we indulged ourselves in activities like Bonfire,Drum Charades etc. Everyone participated with their hearts out.It was amazing.Next morning at around we headed to Kufri to do some adventurous activities. Acrophobia prevented me from doing so and I still repent that decision.After all these moments don’t often come.It was already very late when we came back to our resort.That night same set of activities followed as the previous one again adding to ultimate enjoyment.Next morning we went to Monkey Point,a nice place in Kasauli.There was small temple there and some shops selling local items.I got myself a small Ganesha Idol and few others purchased what they liked.Thereafter we started our journey back to Delhi.We stopped at Murthal to have our dinner and reached Delhi by 9 pm.Overall it was an amazing experience.Personally for me it was once in a lifetime experience as I enjoyed alot and on the top of it made some very good friends.


Photos are an integral part of any trip.One for memory

Where Is My Warranty

The next time you purchase a mobile or a camera online, you’ll need to do more than just check the price and the specifications. Make sure you read all the fine print as well, to make sure that you’re buying a product covered by warranty. Amazon says all products which are being sold on our websites through our sellers are genuine. But at times things may go wrong as was the case with a guy who went on to purchase a fake Xiaomi PowerBank from MI from a popular e-commerce only to find out that product was fake as it didn’t have 20 digit verification code as told by Xiaomi Customer Care India and several other things that showed conclusive signs of the fact that product was a fake one. There are several other incidences as such. But in any cases the worst sufferer is the Customer.So what should he do? Not that he has got no options,there are a few like he may file cases against the ecommerce company, but rarely those things work out and why they should, after all India’s e-commerce market will reach Rs 371 billion in 2015 and it contributes to around 1.18% of country’s GDP. So then,what are the options left for him before buying an online product which covers warranty.As he may find out that some big companies have specifically mentioned that some of the products which are being sold online don’t cover warranty,so irrespective of the fact that warranty details being mentioned ,you should be aware that there will be some warranty issues and so better avoid buying that product online.In some cases warranty is not even honoured by manufacturer.For instance, while Tissot issues a two-year international warranty in the name of Tissot S.A, some of the sellers on popular e-commerce websites post it as “one-year Tissot India warranty”. Thus the warranty is not honoured by the manufacturer and the buyer has to be satisfied with only a sellers’ warranty instead of an original manufacturer’s warranty. So the best solution in these cases in when you are purchasing online,first go through the warranty details of that product on manufacturer site and if that warranty is honoured by online seller then go for it,otherwise better not buy it online.

Dhoni – The Gambler’s failure continues…………

And once again the same old story,the glimpses of a miracle faded away no sooner than a rainbow.England who were down and under at the end of that famous Lords test were suddenly all over the Indians.Going by the statistics, people will say the margin was at least better than 4-0 in 2011 English summer.But don’t forget that in those tests , despite a lacklustre Tendulkar and out-of-form Laxman ,Indians showed resistance with Dravid being their savour.It was not a meek surrender like this.It happens with everyone,they say “form is temporary,class is permanent”,but age can took a toll on even the best in business and exactly that happened  in 2011.But this time ,there was no resistance be it batting,bowling or fielding. Slip cordon suddenly became a burden.They spilled catches and matches.And about the bowling department ,it will be better if nothing is said .The famous spin weapon has almost been taken away from the Indians. A part time spinner and an out of form captain with his young troops forced Indians into a shameful series defeat.The void that has appeared since the likes of the Sachins,the Dravids,the Kumbles ,the Laxmans ,the Gangulys has left the cricketing arena is seeming very difficult to fill up. Dhoni might be the best in the business in one-dayers,but in tests he lacks a winning punch,his strategies which are praised in one-dayers suddenly becomes questionable in tests.There is a lot of inner conscience that needs to be done and some hard steps need to be taken.Something needs  to be done,suddenly and quickly so that test cricket continues to enjoy the same charm in India as it has once.

Suddenly AAP has become so khaas………

The Victory of Aam Aadmi Party says a lot about the feelings and passion of the youths of the country.It has lived beyond the expectations and suddenly it is looking as if it was what a country like ours expected for a long long time.Started as a demand to restructure and propose the so-called Lokpal Bill under the apt guidance of socialist Anna Hazare and some able stewardship of an IIT alumni and Magsaysay Award recipient Arvind Kejriwal and well supported by some visionary individuals,it turned into a revolution which tested the patience of the Government and virtually baffled them.There were wide spread protests.The ultimate outcome was not so satisfying and after that movement slowed down its pace ,but the spark it had ignited changed its own course.From being a mere movement to propose a bill,it became the voice of a common man heart.A party called as AAP was formed.There were rifts in the team on this political swing,but who cares Indian common man got an identity he wanted to associate himself with since his birth and there was no one stopping him.With the help of small donations and funds,they arranged the requisite amount of money and fought the election and guess,they did what was seeming completely impossible at a time.They defeated a mighty big party in its own den.Though they were unable to get the majority,yet the future is looking bright.It is too early to do any kind of premonition but I will just hope that the seeds that this khaas mango man has sown in the hearts of common men ,if he and his party continues to abide by it ,then sooner or later we will definitely see a less corrupted and more prosperous India……..

Was 80’s the best era of Indian Cinema ??????

Cinema is not just a mode of entertainment, rather much more. A common man tries to identify himself with the actors and sequence of events in the story. So if that is the case, then modern cinema by no means is a representative of it or better to put in words  “The status and the quality of Indian Cinema has substantially deteriorated over the past few decades.”Cheapness will be a bit harsh to say, But the reality is in fact much worse than that. During the 80’s, Cinema not only saw the best bunch of talented artists, but also the flawless directors who made movies not for the sake of fun, rather a quality entertainment. The art was there, so was the sense of purity. That was the time when some visionary directors completely revolutionized the Indian Cinema by their genius works. The movies which are being made today, about 90% of them are just sheer non-sense. The movies have a very adverse effect on the minds of young kids of 5-8 years specially. Just giving a movie ‘A’ certificate does not reduce an impact it has and it is constantly having. Vulgarity and Abusing have become a part and parcel of Indian Cinema now-a-days and the ever increasing crime rates are the outcomes. As I said, the followers of cinema blindly follow their icons and they try to emulate his/her in their real lives. So from my perspective, CensorBoard must come harsh on such types of movies and make some strict rules, so that their impact can be diminished to some extent.Deliver your audience what they should crave for – Providing sheer entertainment at any cost should never be all and end all.

Bharat Ratna – Is the dignity still undeterred ?

So many controversies, some strong oppositions amidst a heavy backing of almost everyone in the country – Be it from sporting arena or the die-hard fans, be the big names in Politics or the film stars, everyone has appreciated the act of Government conferring BharatRatna to Sachin Tendulkar. But the question that has been the hot topic for the past few days is “Was it necessary right then or was it right? Was it a strategy on the part of the government to play with the emotions of the blindly-supportive fans?” Whatever it was, the big question that is coming out of this debate is “Does a sportsperson  deserve Bharat Ratna and If the answer is yes,then why not the hockey wizard Dhyan Chand?” If Sachin deserves,then so equally is Dhyan Chand. Bharat Ratna  is an award as they say,given to a person who has contributed to his country, someone who has achieved “an order of excellence of highest degree”.If this is it, then for sure Sachin Tendulkar deserves it, because he is the among the best Indian sportsperson,who have ever graced the playgrounds of their respective arena.Regarding Dhyan Chand is what I want to ask the so-called opponents of this decision of government that where were they,their demands ,their newly emerging extremist thoughts when Indian government allowed the relaxation in 2011 that “even a sportsperson can be conferred Bharat Ratna”,Why then no body raised the name of Dhyan Chand for the award? The Bottom line is instead of these rubbish case-filings, opposition, it is better to appreciate the fact that a sports person, who has selflessly served his motherland for 24 long years has been honored with this prestigious award and that has opened the award gates for any high performing sportsperson. Dhyan Chand deserves this award and sooner or later he will get it, but comparison will only undermine the contribution of the two, which I am quite sure no one wants to happen. So Enjoy the moment.